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Electric Flowers

As a student at the FAU in Erlangen, I have access to interesting research projects. These abstract images were created during one of them.

Red Blossom

It all started when a friend of mine needed pictures for his bachelor thesis at the chair for electrical energy systems at the university in Erlangen. The whole thing sounded very interesting because he works with electrical discharges at high voltage (and I'm always up for new things.).

At first, it was mainly about catching single bolts of lightning. However, this turned out to be a bit difficult, because the discharges happened so often that I could hardly produce low-noise pictures even with the full format and low aperture.

The first successful photo of a single lightning strike

After many failed attempts and quite a few discharges, I wanted to know how the image would behave with longer exposure times.

So I set up the telephoto, set the interval timer, and let the camera do its magic:

30 sec

I was absolutely fascinated by what I saw on the camera screen and was already satisfied. Then my friend looked over the camera from above, so the image was upside down for him, and he said "Hey, that looks like a flower".

It rattled briefly, then ish saw it too. So now it was time to pick flowers!

A few hundred shots later, there were these three pictures, which got their own colors by changing the white balance:


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